Vendors-Main Street Fall Fest

Vendors-Main Street Fall Fest

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Main Street Fall Fest Exhibitor Information

Restricted Items

Unfortunately, a few items must be restricted if the event becomes over-saturated with certain products, or if a specific brand name is already represented. This is to remain fair to all exhibitors and help them be as successful as possible.

The following items and brands are restricted if already represented.  If you feel you have a unique item that should still be allowed or one of these closed items makes up only a small portion of your product line, please contact for a possible exception.  Note, closed food/items/services refer to sales of those items only; other businesses may still join to market themselves if not selling.

FOOD RESTRICTIONS: We will be accepting a small number of food vendors on a first-come basis.

BRAND RESTRICTIONS: Only one vendor of any of the following companies on a first-come basis. LuLaRoe, Scentsy, Usborn Books, doTerra, Shaklee, Cutco, Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR Organic), Tower Garden/Juice Plus, etc…


Please review and consider these rules and requirements before choosing to exhibit at this unique event.

1) Equipment: The event does not supply equipment (tables, chairs, canopies) to exhibitors. This is a themed event (Fall, Spooky) and exhibitors are encouraged to be self-sufficient in design and construction of their booth spaces. Please bring everything you will need for your booth.

2) GRASSY AREA EXHIBITS: There are no stakes/pins/nails/etc. allowed in the park. ALL VENDORS MUST BRING rope and weights, sand bags, water jugs, etc. to weight down your booth items, canopy, signs, etc.  There are no tarps/rugs/large flat surfaces allowed on the grass. There are absolutely no driving vehicles/trailers on the grass.

3) SET UP AND LOADING: Exhibitors will be assigned a set up time between 7:00AM-8:45AM so we can stagger vehicles in loading zones. Spaces are cart and carry over the grass, so loading zones get you as close to spots as possible. Vehicles must be unloaded and then removed/parked in designated areas within 15 minutes. No vehicles may be parked in loading zones (even if it looks like a parking lot). There is NO parking of exhibitors in the Overland restaurant parking area. All spaces should be marked by the time exhibitors arrive. Please let us know if you have special needs not covered in this application.

4) PARKING: An assigned area will be designated for vendors and coffin race participants. A volunteer will show you where to park.

5) POWER: Please be conscientious about power consumption and only use power if necessary. You may bring your own generator only if it is less than 73 dB, smokeless and odorless. It must be secured safely away from the public. If these conditions cannot be met, please order power from us. You are responsible to bring your own extension cord, at least 50-100 foot.

6) SALES TAX: We are required to collect your NV Tax ID# from every vendor selling anything. This form is turned in with the money owed prior leaving the event..  You must provide your tax ID # 5 of this application.

7) RESPECT: We have LOTS of perspectives at this great event. Show the same Respect for differing viewpoints that you expect for yours. We also have many Volunteers helping-without whom there would be no event-so please be patient and respectful of all staff & volunteers.

Vendor Application-Click Here

The event will go on, Rain or Shine! Deadline to register without late fees is September 16th, 2019. There are no refunds as this is a fund raiser for Main Street Gardnerville a 501 c 3 nonprofit.