Cultivating our Main Street

We at Main Street Gardnerville are excited to announce our Façade Improvement Grant program available to commercial properties located in the Main Street Gardnerville District.  As a revitalization effort of our Downtown, the purpose of this program is to improve the appearance and functionality of commercial buildings while developing a unique identity and preserving the historic nature and character of our downtown.

About the Façade Improvement Grant Program

This program is designed to encourage current and prospective property owners in the downtown area to significantly improve the appearance of the outside of their buildings, through grants offering a 50/50 match for improvements to the building’s exterior. To assure that the improvements are of high quality and cost-effective, and in keeping with the goals set by Main Street Gardnerville for authentic and historically sensitive redevelopment, we will be working with the Town of Gardnerville to ensure all improvements comply with the Town of Gardnerville Design Guidelines.

This program is available to commercial property and business owners in the Main Street Gardnerville Commercial area that are in current standing with their property and sales taxes and are current Partners with the Main Street Gardnerville Program.

Eligible use of Grant Funds

  • Removal of materials that cover original architectural details
  • Repair and/or replacement of original architectural details
  • Window repair or replacement including window framing (must match the original in size, style, and scale)
  • Door improvements and replacement
  • Painting and/or repair of façade
  • Exterior lighting
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Awnings
  • Other aesthetic and functional hardscape improvements
  • Updates to existing signage
  • Exterior structural improvements